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GPS to DSC 8 years 6 months ago #1

Can anyone advise me,I want to connect my GPS receiver to a DSC radio, I have a cable that was supplied with the radio to be connected to my Gps, but the only connection cable I'm able to find is about 15 to 25ft long, with the distance only about 3ft from each of them.
I have the same problem with the receiver, the cable I require to enable me to put my receiver on the highest point on the boat, is again about 4ft, but I'm only able to buy a 25ft cable.
Has anyone any idea's where I may be able to purchase shorter cables?
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Re: GPS to DSC 8 years 6 months ago #2

Hi Wizard
Sorry for the delay in response to your query but the forum has been very quiet for some time & I have not been checking it as regularly as I might as I have been very busy with pressing club matters.
To address your query:
Both the GPS and the radio would have almost certainly originally come supplied with the necessary cables to do the connections with.
All Garmin GPS’s for example, that I have dealt with have one connection for the aerial and just one multi pin connector that the power and other signal (NMEA) wires are routed through.
Normally the aerial lead should not be cut and any excess coiled up & stowed somewhere safe.
The combined power & signal cable may, however, be cut to whatever length you require but I would suggest also coiling & stowing in case you want to move things at a later date.
Similar comments also apply to the radio except that the power supply normally does not go via the same multi pin connector as the signal wires.
Connectors used on GPS and radios tend to be special ones not readily available in the high street (such as the likes of Maplins) so if you need new cables then you are pretty much stuck with buying from the manufacturer / stockist of your units.
The bare ends of appropriate wires coming out of the two signal cables will need to be connected together. You need to be very careful as to which NMEA signal wires you connect up on the two units and my experience is that unit handbooks do not give sufficiently detailed information about this. I have had to phone the manufacturers technical people in the past in order to obtain the definitive connection requirements.
If you wish to contact me directly with some more information about what units you have and what cables you have, I would be happy to try to assist.
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Re: GPS to DSC 8 years 6 months ago #3

Thank you very much for the up date, I have a lowerance seachamp, that I brought second hand, it never came with a reciever, which I managed to obtain from a company on the mainland, the reciever came with a short led, that came out of the reciever then you plug it into the back of GPS, the led is about a foot in length.
The radio was brought new, this came with a connection with it, with four or five differant colour wires.
It looks like I will have to order the manufacturers cable to join the two together but thanks again for replying to me.

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