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TOPIC: Line Slida Heavy by Knotless Fishing Tackle: More stock

Line Slida Heavy by Knotless Fishing Tackle: More stock 8 years 6 months ago #1

Lots sold but loads of stock still available in 2020 at same prices
Genuine KFT Line Slida Heavy moldings
fitted with No 6 Extra Heavy clips

Knotless Fishing Tackle ceased production a number of years ago to the great disappointment of many anglers such as myself who had come to rely on these weight sliders.
These are the only weight sliders that I have found to be 100% reliable and I have successfully used them with weights in excess of 3 lbs under extreme conditions. They are the only ones that I am currently prepared to use.
I have managed to source a quantity of bare mouldings to which I am adding heavy duty clips.
They will accept line up to 2mm diameter (about 200 lbs) with no problem.
Clips are extra heavy and have never let me down even under the most extreem circumstances (3 lbs plus leads).
I am pricing these to be competitive with zip sliders and a lot cheaper than other similar good quality sliders. Please do not compare these with the very inferior cheap lead sliders which seem to fail on a regular basis. I have personally observed many a weight being lost through the use of inferior cheap sliders.

Ideal present to give to a fishing buddy. :)

Prices held yet again.

Introductory pack of 5 = £2

13 = £5

27 = £10

56 = £20

Bare mouldings to fit your own clips to at 40 for £10

or 50 for £12.50

All prices are for club members & assume hand transfer at the club and are thus less any postage & packing costs.

Alan Deeming
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