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RNLI FUNDRAISING EVENING 6 years 11 months ago #1

It may be a bit late, but I would like to thank those who helped with the BBQ evening, from putting up the marques to tidying the car park, to Phil and Ray who did the raffle, great effort from all committee members, who had all done there part.

I would like to thank Liz and John Burns who gave up there week leading into the BBQ in preparing the food and others things around the club that needed to be done.
I would also like to thank Alan Doe from the RNLI who gave us a demonstration on life jackets and Alan for arranging this.

In putting on the event on, I had a lot of help from outside, in the way of donation, so I felt I needed to thank them , whilst everyone whose in business will agree, its hard at the moment, so for these people to give donation to the event, I thank you.

To Tanya and Paul Dyer from Sainsbury's who not only supported the BBQ but had donated £300 towards the clubs funds towards a competition, with out there help, it would of been difficult to put both events on.
To Martin Gulliver, Royal Mail, who supported me in putting the event on in many ways, many thanks.
Here is a list of other supporters of the event, it is hoped we have raised between £700-£800 so I would like to thank you all for attending.

I doubt if anyone will read this as it seems not many seem to use it, but thank you for your time, if you are still reading it.
The list of sponsors
]Dave Yates of Yates Brewery and not Island Ales, my fault, big sorry
Tomato Stall of Arreton
Dave Gawn, The Beer
Harry Hayward nursery, cucumbers, lettuce
John Knox, potatoes
Fred Venables Dairy, Cowes, largest bit of cheese I've seen.
Big White T-Shirt company.
Ron Bowler, Jewson Morey's,

The winning skipper competition, this was the competition ran and sponsored by the crew of the Barracuda Blue, for the skipper who handed over the best numbers on the night, was won by,

sorry you may have to wait for this one, had so many entries!

Thanks for your support
This has been written by me, and no responsibility of the club, if it offends in anyway.
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RNLI FUNDRAISING EVENING 6 years 11 months ago #2

A very big THANK YOU Derek for all your own very hard work in instigating and organising the event plus providing the entertainment.
Brilliant effort, brilliant evening, brilliant support from members, brilliant weather, brilliant sum raised for the RNLI (despite the dismal failure of the local RNLI's own fundraising team)
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