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NEWSLETTER FROM 1991 10 years 5 months ago #1

I found this old newsletter from 1991 which members may find of some interest. (I have removed old contact details.)
Dear Member,
We are having the annual Dinner & Presentation of awards for last season on Sat 23rd Feb 1991 at "Max's Carvery" in the Trevellion Hotel in Sandown Broadway 7.30 for 8.00. On the menu will be a choice of 16 starters, with the main course being a choice of roasts from the carvery followed by a choice of 23 sweets plus coffee. The quality of the food is excellent. Tickets are £10 each.
Transport at £2.50 return has been arranged as follows:
Coach - pick up at 6.30 Newport (Red cross, Hunnyhill); 7.00 Ryde (Town Hall); 7.15 St.Helens (Vine Inn); 7.45 Bembridge (Villiage Hall)
Mini-bus - pick up at 7.00 Shanklin (Bus Station); 7.15 Apse Heath (Meeks stores); 7.25 Lake High St)
Return departure at aprox 1am
Please contact Peter Knight urgently if you have not already advised him of your requirements for tickets and/or transport.
Please also contact Peter if you wish to take part in this year’s Spurdog Sweep where £6 gets you twelve chances to win one of the monthly prizes of £15 & £10. You do not have to use one of the official forms, just put your name, address and telephone number (if any) on a piece of
note paper and send it together with £6 for each set of tickets that you require to Peter. The sweep is open to non members so if you can get your friends to take part this would raise even more funds for the club and help keep down the membership fees etc.
As you will see from the list of club officers, most of the main positions have been retained by the same people but Brian Heaps has taken over the Junior Section from Malcolm Creed.
The Publicity officer, Joe Filipe, has installed a box in the weighing-in room for any items of publicity. If you make a good catch put a note in the box.
Competitions for this season have been aimed at encouraging conservation of fish stocks, with a number of comps being made best specimen. The open comp will have more specific prizes rather than heaviest bag e.g. best skate/ray, round fish, flat fish etc. Your attention is drawn to the Conger comp which is being held on a Friday evening which is when it used to be held.
As an experiment for this year, shore caught fish will be eligible for Club trophies but will be judged against overall Club records. Any claim form must still indicate whether Shore or Boat caught.
Please take the time to fill in claim forms properly as incomplete forms will not be processed.
I received one form last year for a conger with no name or signature at all. No doubt some one will be disappointed at not getting anything at all for it.
A new trophy is to be awarded for this last season called the CONSERVATION TROPHY. This has been presented by Aedy Williams for the most Sharks (not Tope or Dogfish) returned alive by any one angler. Another new trophy is to be awarded at the end of this coming season for the best Shark over 200lbs where the captor has NOT BROUGHT ASHORE ANY SHARK UNDER 200lbs. This has been presented by Phil Brennon also with the object of encouraging conservation.
Anyone catching a potential Island record should ensure that the fish is officially identified by one of the Fish Identification Officers recognised by the IW Div of the NFSA. I am pleased to report that Ross
Staplehurst has now been appointed such an officer and he can be contacted on .
A lot of the Club boats are now using channel 6 as a working channel due to the volume of traffic on 72. Late entries for competitions from boats that have not left the harbour by the start time should be made by calling Albatross on CH 6 until informed otherwise.
John Rackett is now maintaining the list of Member's names & addresses on his computer so please keep him informed of any change of address so that we can keep you informed of what is happening in the club. It is particularly important for mooring holders to do this in case there
is any emergency concerning their boats.
Membership of the JUNIOR SECTION is now at its highest for some years to the extent that providing boat spaces for their competitions is a major problem. It has been decided that, where necessary, preference for spaces will be given to those juniors who also support the shore competitions. In any event Brian Heaps must be informed one week prior to the trip otherwise no guarantee can be made of a place. Anyone willing to help by providing trips please contact Brian.

Officers for this year are :-Chairman - Ross Staplehurst, Secretary - Alan Deeming, Junior Sect - Brian Heaps, Asst Junior Sec - John Staplehurst,Treasurer - John Rackett (& Membership List),
Comp Sec - Alan Deeming ,Publicity - Joe Filipe, Moorings - Danny Vokins,
Asst Moorings - Terry Ramplin & Martin Wade, Social Sec - Peter Knight, Cup Custodian - Phil Mason, Committee - D.Hughs, J.Burns, M.Henley, Ken Beckley, Philip Mason, H. Bedworth, M.Dye, M.Trott, T.Smythers, G.Martindale, Dereck Chappel, C.Self-baker, P.Cope, D.Stopher,Dot Staplehurst & Sarah Knight
The Club is now able to offer sweatshirts etc in a choice of colours and sizes with the Club badge embroidered on them at £16.00 each. Also available are sew-on badges at £6.25 each and also the facility to have members own garments embroidered with the badge at a cost of £6.00. The basic design is the same as the metal lapel badges with a choice of three diameters and a choice of colours. For further details & to view samples please contact Peter Knight. As well as the ordinary metal lapel badge, I also have key fobs with the club badge on, both of which are £2.00 each.
Finally I have to make the same old plea as always at this time of year. We urgently need everyone's membership fees, so if you haven't already paid (the fees are the same as last year) please do so as soon as possible. The Club has a number of large fees to pay out at this time of year and keeping out of debt is one way in which we can avoid having to increase membership fees.
Good Fishing.
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