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TOPIC: Tips for submitting your own individual catch reports

Tips for submitting your own individual catch reports 9 years 8 months ago #1

As your publicity officer, I hope to bring to your attention items of interest.
With particular reference to reporting catches, my hands are unfortunately tied by decisions made by the committee specifically requiring me to not publicize individual catches except as part of reporting competition results or in the case of Island or National records. I would interpret this as including very exceptional catches.
This is primarily to avoid the chance of commercial fishermen exploiting the information for their own gain to the detriment of club members.
This has been a source of much frustration from my point of view for some considerable time but I must accept the democratically arrived at wishes of the committee.
I am sure that there are members who would like to submit their own publicity to various publications and there is, of course, nothing to prevent them from doing so.
On behalf of the committee, I would ask that any such submitted publicity provides as little as possible in the way of the specific location of the catch. “South of the Island” would be a good general term to use.
Based on my many years of dealing with the editors of national angling magazines, I would offer the following suggestions to improve the chances of your submissions getting published:-
Always send the best possible quality photograph. Most digital cameras store the image as if it will be printed out at a very large size. If you have access to any digital picture manipulation software, reduce the image size to no more than the equivalent of size A4 (normal print paper size) & save it at a high resolution (say 300 dpi or more). Be aware, however, that some email systems providers put a low limit on the size of file that can be sent so you may have to consider sending a disc in the post.
In addition to details of the fish species & weight (plus if it is a record, personal best etc):-
Always include full details of the angler such as age, occupation, angling achievements and anything else that may be of interest.
List the tackle used, rod, reel, line (in particular the breaking strain of the line), type of terminal tackle (flowing trace, pirk, lure etc)
Editors have always said to me that, most importantly, do not just provide the bare facts as above but also provide a story line to the catch. Things like how the trip went, what the conditions were like, some information about the boat & skipper PLUS anything else of interest etc. A recent example would be a very long standing club record being broken by a significant margin.
Failure to provide an interesting background story usually means little coverage and is a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the magazines selecting prize winners.
If all this seems a bit much, I am always happy to provide personal assistance/advice including, if requested, the drafting out of a submission based on information provided.
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