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TOPIC: Care of knives

Care of knives 9 years 4 months ago #1

I have recently found that an expensive filleting knife of mine has suffered rust damage due to my failure to clean & oil it.
Although one might be forgiven for thinking that this should not happen to a stainless blade, the following is from the Gerber (Fiskars) web site:-

Q: Is it true that Stainless Steel knives don't rust?
A: Stainless steel sink and faucet materials have a great resistance to rust but do not have the properties for strength and edge retention to make a good knife or tool. Our products use 100% hardenable stainless steel. Hardenable stainless steel is not completely resistant to rust but rather is more corrosion resistant to rust. Corrosion can occur in the absence of proper maintenance or in continued damp or humid environments. Your Gerber product should be cleaned, dried, and re-oiled periodically to inhibit rust and corrosion; this is especially true in a damp or marine environment. If your Gerber product comes in contact with any substance that you are uncertain about, it is always a good idea to wash your blade off with tap water, dry it, and apply a light coat of oil to it. If your Gerber product comes into contact with saltwater you must flush it with tap water immediately after use and coat it with good quality oil. Salt water is extremely corrosive and will attack and destroy any type of steel. After cleaning, re-oil your Gerber product with gun oil or 3-in-1 oil. Buff stained areas with a polishing cloth or a non-metallic abrasive, such as a Scotchbrite pad.
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