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TOPIC: Parts differences between Penn GLS 25 & GLS225 reels.

Parts differences between Penn GLS 25 & GLS225 reels. 8 years 6 months ago #1

Several members us the excellent Penn GLS 25 & GLS225 reels.
Club president BoB Cowley can help with maintenance, spares etc for Penn reels.
Please be aware that there was a significant design change between the GLS25 & GLS225 in the area of the ball bearing in the end plate at the handle end.
The following copied from an American supplier's web site explains:-

IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR 25GLS Reels AS OF (date unknown):
Penn changed the design on the reel. They redesigned the Right Side Bearing (handle side), and modified the Right Side Plate and the Spool to accommodate the design. They also changed the Dog Bridge and Dogs, as well as the Main and Pinion Gears.


Measure the left side spool ball bearing or the right side plate bearing (they are the same).

The NEWER 26N-25 Ball Bearing measures: 8mm I.D. x 19mm O.D.
If your bearing matches this, you have the newer design already installed on your reel.

The OLDER 26-25 Bearing measures: 8mm I.D. x 17mm O.D.
If your bearing matches this, you have the older design.

IMPORTANT If you need to change ANY of the older parts in the table below, other than bearings, you will need to convert all listed parts to the corresponding newer parts. You can still replace the older ball bearings on the old system without converting, as the 26-25 is still available at this time.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OriginalSystemxxxxNew System
Right Side Platexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1-25xxxxxxxxxxxx1N-25
Dog Bridgexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3-25xxxxxxxxxxxx 3N-25
Main Gearxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5-25xxxxxxxxxxxx 5P-25
Pinion Gearxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 13-25xxxxxxxxxxxx 13P-25
Dog ( uses 2 )xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 15-25xxxxxxxxxxxx 15N-25
Ball Bearingsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 26-25xxxxxxxxxxxx 26N-25
(Right Side Plate
& Left Side Spool)
Spoolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 29L-25xxxxxxxxxxxx 29LN-25
Drag Coverxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 156-25xxxxxxxxxxxx 156-225
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