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Our aim is to provide affordable boat angling for the average to less well off angler
♦Our first recorded competition was in 1963. 
1-6-21: This website has been subsidised by Antony Stanyon from the beginning when he was able to spread costs of software licences etc across a number of websites for Island clubs. As most clubs have now dropped out, it is no longer viable for him to maintain just ours so a new BAC website is undergoing development and will replace this one in the coming weeks.
The boatlift rescheduled for Saturday 15th May has proceeded. The finish date for the last lift has been set for 12th June (weather permitting).
As a consequence, the competition scheduled for June 6th has been cancelled.
We would welcome applications  for one of our several vacant moorings. See notice Board.
Cost of mooring to be advised on receipt of details of boat.
We would also welcome applications from non-boat owning anglers wishing to become members.
Cost of membership is as shown on the membership application form that can be downloaded from the link at the top right hand corner of this page.
 More details on Notice Board page.

Covid-19 restrictions

For full details see Covid angling restrictions revised.

The clubhouse can now reopen for no more than 6 persons inside at any one time and restrictions on numbers onboard boats effectively cease (30).

The current roadmap for the removal of all restrictions suggests 21st June but that is not yet confirmed.


Sharks and Fish of the Month - Catch and Release section

As a result of concern being expressed by members regarding acceptance of estimated weights of large sharks for the catch and release section of the fish of the month awards, the matter has been reviewed and voted on by the committee.

Basically the issue relates to the fact that club records for Thresher and Porbeagle sharks were set decades ago before we adopted conservation minded practices and stopped bringing sharks ashore for weighing which is the only way new club records can be set. Recent seasons have seen numbers of specimens caught and released that have been estimated to significantly exceed current club records.

The club strongly discourages any large shark from being retained for weighing as well as discouraging such fish from being removed from the water for any purpose.

Having acknowledged that length alone is not a good indicator of weight, the committee has voted overwhelmingly in favour of immediately barring large sharks such as Threshers, Porbeagles, Mako and Blues from the catch and release section of the annual fish of the month awards. That said, members are requested to continue to submit specimen fish claim forms for them with estimated weights.

Those forms will be used by the competition secretary in order to award the annual trophy for the most sharks returned but the committee has additionally voted in favour of no longer awarding the separate trophy for the heaviest shark returned.

Other species that are technically part of the shark family, such as Tope, Spurdog, Dogfish etc, are not affected by the foregoing.

Whilst considering the issues, the committee has also voted in favour of bringing the catch and release section of the fish of the month awards in line with the principle, that has applied to competitions for some seasons, that cash (or vouchers)  shall not be awarded to fish that are not weighed on land.

All the foregoing changes were voted to apply with immediate effect.

SHARK SURVEY: See noticeboard 
Red Diesel: government has now dropped the proposal to ban the use of red diesel for propulsion of leisure vessels.
1-3-21: Reminder: From 1st March we are only permitted to retain 2 Bass each per day.
We are the largest deep sea boat fishing club on the Isle of Wight
Bembridge AC Club House, North Quay, Latimer Rd., St.Helens,
Isle of Wight, PO33 1YU
Bembridge Angling Club has membership of adults, wives and juniors totalling around 150. The club has a self built club house on St Helens North Quay along with a fenced parking area. The club has a license from the harbour company for an area of ground on which there are swinging mooring for boats mainly from 16 to 20 foot with a few up to thirty five foot. Around the Quay there are spaces for five boats up to thirty one feet and a further three boats are moored between piles off the Quay. For more details please see the "About Us" section.
Whilst most information sections are freely available to view by visitors, there are some features of this web site that are only available to registered users. To register as a user on this site is free and you don’t have to be a member of Bembridge Angling Club. You could be a fellow angler, a business such as a tackle shop, boat yard etc or just someone interested in angling. All we ask is that you abide by the terms and conditions of the site in order to make use of the registered users facilities. We will not use your details in any way.So register today and start contributing to the Forum and Gallery. Registration is easy, just click "Register" at the bottom of the members login box.
In view of the imminent demise of this web site, we are no longer accepting new user registrations.
For instructions checkout our “FAQ” page which gives you a step by step guide to various things including how to put pictures in the "Gallery" (which is not obvious if you go straight to the gallery)
  Members personal Information:


To see BAC's full updated data privacy/protection policy please use the "Privacy Policy" tab in the main menu.

It includes:-

The club reserves the right to:-

1/ Hold on record all members' contact details for the sole purpose of club administration & communication with members.
2/ Pass contact details of all its mooring holders to the harbour company for the purpose of administration of their port management safety procedures. The harbour company has given assurances that they will not pass this information on to third parties & will only use it as above.

Boat angling is a hazardous activity. Individuals must accept that, by engaging in active water sports such as boat angling, their physical safety may be endangered.

Sea angling currently accounts for the second highest mortality rate among sea users.

Anyone intending to participate in, or become involved with, boat angling organised by BAC – either as a skipper, crew or otherwise – does so at their own risk and such individuals must recognise the actual and potential risks associated with their involvement, including drowning, hypothermia and other physical injuries resulting from, for instance, falling overboard, penetrating or impact wounds from knives, hooks and weights as well as being bitten by fish.

Participants must acknowledge that it is up to them personally to assess whether any event or activity on the water is too difficult for them or their crew.

Individuals must acknowledge that the safety of their boat and her entire management including insurance is solely their responsibility, and they are satisfied that the boat and the crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise in the course of a competition.

Entrants into the event must acknowledge that it is solely their responsibility to decide whether or not to start, or to continue, in any competition.

Individuals on signing on to the competition must agree :-

(i) to be bound by the conditions of the Competition Rules of the BAC
(ii) to accept the decisions of the BAC committee and officials nominated by it
(iii) to save harmless and keep indemnified:-
        a. BAC & their sponsors and the Angling Trust and their respective officials, servants and agents
        b. the other boat owners, drivers & crew engaged in the competition
against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of loss of, or damage to, the entrant’s property or the property of his/her drivers & crew whether or not such loss or damage may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the said persons or bodies, their officials, servants, representatives or agents.  

In addition, all persons entering onto the club premises (compound and club house on North Quay) should be aware of the areas round the quay that have no safety railings and thus pose a safety hazard with respect to the possibility of falling over the edge. Extreme caution should be exercised in these areas and on no account are unsupervised children to be allowed to roam freely in the compound.


 Join the Angling Trust Today via this link

 See IW Div of Angling Trust own web site plus  IW Marine area  for a section of the Angling Trust's web site that is specific to the Isle of Wight


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Bembridge Angling Club are proud to be
an affiliated member of the Angling Trust.
Membership No 31618    
 Fish for tomorrow: catch & release.


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