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2017-8 season
(Starting 1st Nov 2017) Listed with most recent first
21-10-18: Best Specimen Cod or Bass
21 members of Bembridge Angling Club signed on for their latest boat competition.
Target species were Cod and Bass with the competition based on the best specimen of either with only 1 bass being able to be legally retained.
Weather conditions were perfect with virtually no breeze & plenty of sunshine.
The coastal waters had become very clear which is not conducive to normal autumn cod fishing techniques but is ideal for targeting bass.
This was reflected in the results where the prizes were all taken by Bass.
First place was taken by Ray Ellis with a Bass of 7 lbs 1/2 oz
Second was Alan Deeming with one of 5lbs & 7ozs
Third was Phil Lewis wit one of 4 lbs 12 1/2 ozs.
16-9-18, 23-9-18, 14-10-18: All comps cancelled 
2-9-18: Flatfish & Conservation (points) Comps:
Fifteen members enjoyed excellent conditions for their recent boat competition.
As a departure from normal competitions, there was a geographical limit of no more than 3 ½ miles from Princessa Buoy.
In addition there were two sections to the comp with one being for flatfish & the other being a conservation comp where points were awarded according to what species of fish was captured & released.
Unfortunately sport was generally poor with smoothounds, rays & wrasse being recorded.
Dave Peach won the flatfish section as he was the only one to bring one to the scales which was a Brill of 2 lbs 8 ozs.
Top honours in the conservation section went jointly to Jason Haliday & Ian Mann who both recorded 30 points.
Ray Ellis was second on 18 points & Mark Jones was third on 7 points.
From 8-7-18 up to & including 5-8-18: All comps abandoned due to anticipated lack of interest
8-7-18: Plaice Comp:
Apologies that only very short notice was given for this comp to be confirmed. The committee finally agreed that it should still count for championship points. If anyone has any strong feelings against that then please advise any committee member.
Result report:
Members of Bembridge Angling Club took advantage of near perfect conditions to hold a Plaice only competition recently.
In the interests of conservation, only a maximum of two fish were permitted.
Ian Mann was first with a bag weight of 5 lbs 6ozs
That included a sweep winning single heaviest Plaice of 2 lbs 13 ½ ozs
Liam Smith was second with a bag weight of 3 lbs 13 ozs
Bill Smith was third with a bag weight of 3 lbs 1 ½ ozs
No further competitions are currently planned before the middle of August.
1-7-18: Plaice comp : although scheduled it was abandoned by request of skippers.
24-6-18: Plaice comp (added by popular demand.)

As a result of representations from skippers in Bembridge Angling Club, an extra competition for Plaice was added to their list of competitions & it was recently held in near perfect conditions of little breeze & good water clarity.

This was well supported with 31 anglers participating.

Unfortunately, despite the favourable conditions, only 15 competitors weighed in & what fish were caught were mostly disappointingly small with a large proportion returned alive.

In the interests of conservation, the club had imposed a maximum bag limit of 2 fish.

Jason Holliday found by far the largest Plaice on the day at a sweep winning weight of 4 lbs 3 ½ ozs which significantly contributed to his first placed total bag weight of 5 lbs 10 ½ ozs.

Liam Smith was second with a 2 fish bag weight of 4 lbs 7 ½ ozs

Marcus Gawn was third with a 2 fish bag weight of 4 lbs 1 ½ ozs

It is unfortunate that the County Press does not seem to have published the results report that was submitted to them.

20-5-18: Open Bream competition: see full report under Open Results
All competitions prior to the special 2018 open Bream competitiom either cancelled or abandoned.
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