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2013-4 season
(Starting 1st Nov 2013) Listed with most recent first
Conger Comp on 19th October was cancelled due to adverse forecasts
Comp on 21st September was cancelled due to adverse forecasts
Comp on 17th August was cancelled due to adverse forecasts
Plaice Comp on 3rd August was cancelled due to adverse forecasts
Comp on 20th July was cancelled due to adverse forecasts
Flatfish Comp 6th July was cancelled due to forecast of wind increasing during day.
Bass Comp 22nd June

Perfect settled conditions resulted in 22 members of Bembridge Angling Club entering their recent boat competition for Bass. In recognition of the current national decline in Bass stocks, the club had decided to do its bit for conservation by imposing a 2 fish bag limit.

As it turned out, this was somewhat unnecessary as only 3 competitors weighed in a total of 4 fish.

1stwith 2 fish for a total of 11lb 2oz was Liam Smith

2ndwith a single sweep winning fish of 7lb 2oz was Joe Filipe

3rdwith a single fish of 2lb 10 oz was Steve Simmonds

Some how between Kev Basham & the County Press the CP issue of June 20th carried a repeat of the report they previously published about the comp on 1st June & my submitted report on the comp of 8th June was cut severley and incorrectly reported as having been held on the previous weekend.
Points Comp 8th June

17 members of Bembridge Angling Club entered their latest boat competition.

With conservation in mind, fish were not brought to the scales. Instead there were varying points allocated to different species that had been released with the winner being the competitor with the most accumulated points.

Absolutely perfect conditions combined with a favourable tide allowed boats to roam far & wide in search of a wide variety of species.

Not a single competitor failed to record a catch.


Alan Deeming took top spot with 47 points

Phil Lewis was second with 38 points

Matt Porter & Ray Lewis were joint third with 20 points each.

Eddie Salisbury fixed area comp 1st June

16 members of Bembridge Angling Club enjoyed excellent conditions for their recent Eddie Salisbury memorial competition. This is the only competition in the club’s fixture list where fishing is restricted to a fixed area. In recognition of Eddie’s favourite fishing area, competitors’ boats were restricted to within a 2 nautical mile radius of West Princessa Buoy off Culver.

With conservation in mind, fish were not brought to the scales. Instead there were varying points allocated to different species that had been released with the winner being the competitor with the most accumulated points.

The ongoing poor water clarity contributed to the fairly modest returns.

Amazingly there was a tie for both first & forth place.


Skippers Joe Filipe & Phil Mason tied for top spot with 27points each.

Geoff Jones was just one point behind in third spot with 26 points.

Darren Webster & Ross Staplehurst tied for fourth place with 22 points each.


Bream Comp on 25th May was cancelled
Smoothound Comp 4th May

20 members of Bembridge Angling Club recently enjoyed near perfect conditions of hot , calm weather for their boat competition targeting Smoothound.

There would probably have been an increased number of competitors had the tide time not dictated a very early morning start.

In the interests of conservation, the competition was for the most fish returned, some of which were tagged for research purposes.

12 competitors reported having released a total of 99 fish.

Liam Smith repeated his success at winning the last time this competition was held by once again coming first with 25 fish returned.

Alan Deeming was second with 17 fish & Gavin Jackson was third with 11 fish.

Cod Comp Sunday 29th December

Forecasts from the previous day that had indicated winds increasing during the late afternoon of the competition did not prove to be correct and those boats that did enter experienced reasonable conditions throughout.

Target species were Cod & Whiting with the best specimen to take honours whilst the single heaviest fish would take the optional sweep.

As a consequence of the dubious weather forecasts, only 21 members entered.
Despite favourable water clarity, only 9 competitors weighed in.
1stand also sweep winner was Derek Ohren  with a cod of 21lb being 58.13% of the BAC record.
2nd Marcus Gawn with a whiting of 2lb 5½oz  49.34%
3rd Rob Grimaldi with a cod of 17lb 1½oz    47.32%
4th Gavin Jackson with a cod of 16lb 5oz     45.16%

Cod Comp Sunday 22nd December was cancelled
Cod Comp Sunday 17th Nov
Several members of Bembridge Angling Club apparently overlooked the fact that they were scheduled to have a cod only competition on the weekend immediately following their open cod competition.
In consequence only 25 entered despite a very favourable weather forecast.
The normal inshore grounds had been heavily fished by large numbers of boats on the day before as a result of near perfect weather conditions and this probably accounted for why only 4 cod were weighed in from only 3 anglers
Alan Deeming opted to fish a less exploited mark and was rewarded with a winning bag of 2 cod for 23 lbs 6 ½ ozs which included the sweep winning heaviest cod of 16 lbs.
Phil Mason took second spot with a cod of 7lb 6 ½ oz
Ray Ellis was third with one of 6lb 14 ½ oz
Due to unsuitable tide times for the next few Sundays, the next scheduled competition is not until Sunday 22nd December.
Members are reminded that their annual prize giving evening is on Friday evening 6th December in the clubhouse. Food will be provided.
Open Cod Comp Sunday 10th Nov
For a report as submitted to the County Press please see under "Open Results" (includes photos of winners)
I should point out that the rather good report in the County Press was, nevertheless, somewhat different to that which I submitted.

The recent capture by Bembridge Angling Club member Harry Haward, of a Cod of 27 lbs 8 ozs  raised hopes that BAC’s Christmas Cod & Whiting competition would be productive.


Despite the thick fog of the previous day, the 18 competitors enjoyed good visibility & calm conditions. In the interests of conservation, the competition was for the best single specimen of either species, both being prime eating fish. Unfortunately target fish were hard to find with very few being brought to the scales.


Club chairman, Ross Staplehurst, opted to target Whiting & was rewarded with a competition winning specimen of 2 lbs 12 ½ ozs.


Martin Dye’s Cod of 20 lbs 12 ozs was very narrowly beaten into second spot but additionally won him the optional sweep for the heaviest Cod.


Dave Peach was third with a Whiting of 2 lbs 4 ozs.

 You should be aware that, as your Publicity Officer, I am constrained by a directive from the committee to not publicise individual catches except as part of reporting competition results or in the case of Island or National records.
This is primarily to avoid the chance of commercial fishermen exploiting the information for their own gain to the detriment of club members.
The reports shown below are as they were submitted for publication in the IW County Press
The published version often differs but this is out of my control.
Flatfish Comp 29th May: Removed from fixture list due to delayed boat lift.
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